EgyptAir redraws the Middle East map

Egypt Air has caused a stir with flight route maps appearing to wipe Israel off the map.

Here’s an enlarged version of the map they had on their site yesterday:

Egyptair Middle East map fail 2011-03-23

There’s a new border slicing through where Israel and the Palestinian West Bank should be. Damascus and Amman are in Israel. Aleppo is in Lebanon rather than Syria.

They’ve since amended this. Check out today’s version:

Egyptair's updated map, 2011-03-24

Better, but those borders still aren’t right.

Cock-up or politically motivated ? Call me naive, but bearing in mind Aleppo is still misplaced – indeed at this scale it should be off the top of the map, and the fact other borders on these maps don’t exactly match reality – check out the US-Canadian border on the North America map, I think mistake.

My guess is since yesterday they’ve altered the code for their Flash app to move city markers, but for whatever reason haven’t yet been able to edit the underlying map.

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