eBay’s iPad 2 sales mapped

Apple hasn’t revealed global sales figures for the IPad 2 yet, when it does they might look something like this,  but with more zeroes on the numbers.

eBay's iPad 2 sales in the two weeks after launch

Credit: eBay

The infographic from eBay maps out Apple iPad 2 sales on the auction site, from the US release date on March 11th to the tablet’s launch in another 25 countries two weeks later.

Some key facts:

  • eBay sold just under 12,000 units in the two week period.
  • 65% were sold to US buyers, that compares with 35% for iPad 1 sales last year
  • Russia was the biggest overseas buyer, followed by Canada, Hong Kong, Japan then the UK.
  • The most popular model was the 16 GB Wi-Fi model, amounting to 30% of sales, with buyers paying on average $198 above the American retail price.

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