Create Your Own Typographic Maps

Declaration of Independence, Typographic MapTagxedo is a very cool Silverlight-based online tag cloud generator. Letting you create a visually striking word cloud in any shape in a matter of seconds.

The application has oodles of options:

  • Use any text, either by pasting it in to a form or providing a URL.
  • Chose from dozens of fonts
  • Alter the colour theme
  • Set word density, layout and numbers.
  • Change the cloud shape.
  • Save the cloud as either a static image or interactive app

Keeping it to the theme of this blog, the application includes several map-shaped templates – Africa, China, UK, USA, Australia and South America.  Adding your own custom image mask is listed as a pro feature, but as the app is still in beta, you can actually do it for free.

With it being President’s Day today I created the image at the top of the post with text  from the declaration of independence, click it to view an interactive version.  Words are sized according to their  frequency – with really common words like he and for not included.

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