Big historical maps

Map of Houston, E.E. Motter, 1912.
The big map blog is a new website showcasing historical maps. Although most of these images are already on other sites, the idea is to make them more accessible and to provide full size public domain versions available for download.

As the website’s name suggests these are enormous map images – the full version of the bird’s eye view of Houston shown above 6000×4000 pixels. Viewing them is made possible through Zoom-it, a Microsoft service utilizing the Silverlight plug-in, but which does work without it.

So far the site has 500 maps, mostly covering American cities. 1,700 more are promised, with new ones every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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  2. You may need to find a detailed historical map of the area to be more accurate. Or, you may find in looking at a history of the area, that it shows one little hamlet joined up with another larger one, changing names.

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