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Life expectancy in the UK

Newly released data from the British Office of National Statistics shows huge variations in life expectancy across the UK. The Guardian has pushed the figures into four maps, two for each gender – life expectancy and another indicating the change … Continue reading

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World maps of glowing plants

Did you know plants emit a faint reddish glow (fluorescence) as a by-product of photosynthesis ? In a set of maps described in NASA’s news release as ‘groundbreaking’, scientists working at the Goddard flight center have depicted this activity for … Continue reading

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Listed buildings in Great Britain mapped

English Heritage, an independent public body funded by the British taxpayer, maintains a list of several hundred thousand historically significant structures in England. Structures are graded according to importance – Grade I being the highest. A new interactive map on … Continue reading

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Astronaut’s view of the Earth

In this breathtaking video tour of the Earth, Dr Justin Wilkinson, from the Crew Earth Observations Office at the NASA Johnson Space Center, offers a personal view of the incredible landscape and weather features astronauts notice from space. The seven … Continue reading

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Visualizing early Washington D.C.

UMBC’s Imaging research center is working on a best guess reconstruction of Washington DC in 1814 – the year the British systematically set fire to Government buildings including the then under-construction Capitol and White house. Apparently what started off as … Continue reading

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New map reveals tropical forest carbon storage

New research from a NASA led team reveals the extent of carbon storage in the world’s tropical forest. Based on satellite and data gathered at ground level the map depicts the distribution of 247 billion tons of carbon across 75 … Continue reading

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Impressive new crime map from Trulia

Real estate website has just launched an interactive map showing reported crime in 48 cities across the USA. Like its price reduction map, the application is another result of Trulia’s recent takeover of the geo-visulization company Movity. The maps … Continue reading

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A hundred years of over-fishing

From David McCandless, a striking visualization of plummeting fish stocks over the past 100 years. Maps from 1900 and 2000 compare the biomass of popularly eaten fish in the North Atlantic. The images were commissioned by the Pew Charitable Trusts as … Continue reading

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