Another animated map of Japan earthquake aftershocks

I’ve released a new version of my time lapse video showing aftershocks following the catastrophic Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The new animation covers a couple of days, and several hundred events recorded by the United States Geological Survey since the 8.9 magnitude quake

Astonishingly, the number of aftershocks from just this one quake amount to about 90% of the total logged worldwide by the USGS since March 11. Fifteen have been at 6.3 magnitude or above – the strength of the recent Christchurch earthquake.

In addition to the longer time span, I made a couple of changes to the visualization from the previous version: The video includes a running total top right and magnitude values over-layed on each aftershock.

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2 Responses to Another animated map of Japan earthquake aftershocks

  1. Tom Coombs says:


    I think this is an excellent illustration.

    Are you considering doing an update? It’s the 25th March today, two weeks after the big 8.9 quake, and in Tokyo we’re still experiencing quite a lot of earthquakes. It would be interesting to see the full period. In fact, in the couple of weeks before there was some build up.

    Also, I wonder how you chose the size of the circles. From what I read, the scale is the logarithm of the largest horizontal displacement measured. I suppose that’s not easy to illustrate, the 9 would be 10,000 times bigger than a 5.


  2. Lovelightz says:

    I watch Iris Seismic Monitor and was amazed (and still am) to see how many after shocks their were (and still are as of May 13th) There were approx 1400 earthquakes reported in the 30 day -period with most of them being Japan. Those poor people, I can’t even imagine how they are coping. Do you have an up to date map of all the aftershocks as the one listed above. I have heard also that the aftershocks could continue as long as up to one year. Where are the famous elite “world, self-stated saviours” with all their funds to help these people in all the stricken areas to recover being that I only hear that nothing is being done….Are the “men who would be kings” just building bigger spacecrafts or bunkers for themselves lol???????

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