Animated time line of the world’s nuclear reactors

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred 25 years ago today, April 26 1986. To mark the event Climate Central has produced the following interactive map showing a timeline of operational nuclear reactors around the world from the early 1950’s to the present day.

Hit the play button and you can see where and when nuclear power plants were operating, built, planned and under construction, along with combined global capacity in megawatts. You can filter reactors by operating status by ticking the check-boxes. Zoom in to see the locations in more detail.

The map also includes links to some questions and answers at Climate Central arising from the visualization. Notably a detailed explanation for the massive drop in power station construction in the 1990s – it wasn’t just due to Chernobyl apparently.

If you can’t see the embedded map here’s a direct link.

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