New, Amazingly Detailed London Tube Map

Sometimes all you can say is wow. Franklin Jarrier has been mapping various public transportation across Europe for a while. His ‘Maps of Urban Transport‘ website includes a large collection of highly detailed maps of Metro, Tram and RER systems in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Now he’s shifted his attention to the Granddaddy of them all, the London underground network.

The map attempts to show every rail tunnel,  station,  siding,  depot,  platform and cross-over point on the network. It even includes closed stations,  sections of track which are no longer in use as well as  those constructed but never opened. Like all his charts, the map is accessible in one of three ways. A search-able slippy map, simplified PNG Image and detailed PDF

Even if you have no interest in London or rail networks I recommend you check this out.

Note. The maps are free for personal use,  but he asks that people don’t republish them either in part or full.

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