Alabama tornado tracks

The National Weather Service has published a preliminary map of super-cell tracks from the historic tornado outbreak April 27, 2011. Click the image to see a hi-res version.

Alabama tornado outbreak April 27 2011, supercell track map

  • Red indicates confirmed tornadoes rated higher than three on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale. The scale measuring tornado strength.
  • Orange tracks are confirmed EF-3 tornadoes.
  • Green, confirmed tornadoes at EF-1.
  • Black represents non-verified twister tracks.
  • Purple paths are from tornadoes classed as significant,  but require further surveying by weather service employees.

You can keep updated with the ongoing NOAA survey here.

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  4. Our prayers go out to those still recovering from this incredible natural disaster. These twisters seem to be everywhere from this interesting map of details.

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