A Monday in Rennes – Transit Visualization

Isokron take newly published transport data for Rennes in France, and as way of a thank you to the city put together this impresive visualization (video above).

The visualization animates public transport travel times from the town hall to every other part of city over the course of an average Monday. Areas reachable in the same time are mapped out as isochrones – that is they have the same colour. The awesomeness of the video comes from the way these psychedelic looking isochrones evolve, over the top of a constant pulse from regular subway and bus departures and arrivals, all neatly tied in with background music.

Isokron’s site also includes maps for Paris and Rennes, which let you find travel times from any location in the city. And, given multiple starting locations, the application cleverly finds areas reachable in the quickest time for all, if say a bunch of people want to meet up.

via googlemapsmania

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