A decade of news articles from Hungary visualized

SubMap 2.0: Ebullition.  Hungarian news 1998-2010 visualized

Ebullition is an animated visualization of articles from origo.hu, a major Hungarian news website. The video runs through the history of the site from December 1998 to October 2010, each frame representing a single day.

Whenever a place in Hungary is name-checked a map of the country dynamically swells according to the number of items about that location. Every event is accompanied by a sound effect, creating a constant drone-like musical backdrop. The result is an ever-changing organic map, permanently bulging from the flow of stories from Budapest, throbbing with less frequent bulletins from other parts of the country.

The video is part of a larger project entitled SubMap, created by Dániel Feles, Krisztián Gergely, Attila Bujdosó and Gáspár Hajdu of Kitchen Budapest. In earlier work they used the same distortion technique to map several other cities and countries. More information on the SubMap website.

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