3D infographic of civilian casualities in Afghanistan

Developer George Michael Brower, uses data released to journalist John Bohannon to visualize civilian casualties in Afghanistan. Producing something stunningly beautiful and depressing at the same time.

plumegraph civilian casualities in Afghanistan 2009 2010

The animated 3D infographic, Plume Graph, displays casualties stacked vertically over a province map of the country. Each stack is split into levels represents one months data, allowing you to see the evolution of events over time. Zoom in and you see these slices contain colour-coded dots representing individuals and the causes of their deaths and injuries. Hovering over the side menu let you to break down this information by category.

John Bohannon puts it much better than I can:

In this view, the rhythms of the war in time and space emerge. These data represent an ongoing tragedy. But we shouldn’t look away. Without such data, we can never know the true cost of the war.

For some background on the data check out the article in Science.

Via fastcodedesign

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