2012 Olympic Torch Relay Map

The London 2012 Olympic Games organizing committee has published preliminary details of the Olympic torch route before the games opening.

Unlike some previous relays the torch will travel straight from Greece to the United Kingdom and not visit any other countries. Starting at Land’s End on May 19, 2012 it will then travel 8,000 miles (12,500 km) visiting every region in the nation over the next 70 days.

This early press release lists the names and visit dates of 74 places, including Aberdeen, Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Dover, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton and six islands: Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Shetland, Orkney and the Isle of Lewis. Use the map below, to explore these locations:

Further details of the journey, including more locations will be released later this year.

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